Lock installation

Did you know that locksmiths were used hundreds of years ago? A Locksmith was a very honorable and important skill that not very many people had. Getting your lock installed by a professional is easy!

Lock Installation in amarillo

There’s nothing worse than attempting a DIY lock install, drilling holes, matching fittings, and piecing together plates, pins, and mechanisms, only to find that your handiwork has left a latch or bolt out of position. Now you’re looking at do-over on a mangled fixture. Actually, there is something worse. It’s the creeping doubt that once you’ve finally found that fit (after two or three attempts), your lock install might not be up to the task of day-in-day-out protection of your property. The experts at Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas can help.

Instead of worrying over a YouTube-guided install, leave the lock installations to the professionals at Frog’s Safe and Key! Our team of highly trained technicians is certified to install fail-proof locks that will outfit your home and business with reliable, long-term security solutions. We can tackle the hard work of designing and installing a full array of locks that will make your property a stronghold that is impervious to invasion and protects the most precious asset of all—people.

Complete Lock Outfitter

Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas offers incredible service for single lock installs, but installation doesn’t just start at the door frame. Our team of technicians is ready to help you review and design a complete blueprint of your property’s security needs. We will help you identify high-traffic zones, blind spots, and potential breach points. We can also walk you through a catalog of lock options for every door and drawer you want to secure. We are Amarillo’s complete outfitter for every locking solution, and even have custom options that will outfit or retrofit any locking solution you can imagine.

As digital security solutions become more and more popular, Frog’s Safe and Key is proud to offer installs on an impressive array of digitally integrated locks, keypads, keyless solutions, and remote access. Leave installation in the hands of our capable professionals. When we’re done with your immaculate installation, we’ll even walk your certified team members through a training overview of the updates to your high-tech lock system.

Types of Installs

If you’re wondering whether Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas can install the solution you have in mind, look no further than our complete list of services:

Commercial Locks

Businesses, and storefronts are subject to high traffic and heavy use. Burglars often target areas of public property when they know that there are crowds causing a distraction to employees and security staff, or simply look for areas that are secluded or in a security blind spot. Having the right locks installed will ensure that your commercial property is secure and safe, even when you can’t have eyes on. Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas installs a variety of door locks with graded key access options, safe storage, deposit boxes, and all mechanical and digital varieties–anything your commercial property requires for secure storage and access.

High-Security Locks

High security locks are overbuilt for additional protection of the most valuable goods and property, and installed in areas that are likely to be targeted by theft. High-security locks are designed and installed with the highest security standards, best suited for businesses, banks, and institutions where failsafe and tamper-proof locks are a must.

Residential Locks

Burglars are more likely to target homes that they can tell are lightly protected, and one of the first things they are looking for is weak and pick able locks. Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo installs locks for doors, windows, garages, sheds, trailers, and personal storage. Your first line of defense is having locks so tough, no one would even try messing with your property.

Vehicle Locks

Most vehicles are the most valuable possession belonging to their owner. On top of that, they often contain valuable items or sensitive work and personal documents. Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas has Installation and repair services available for any vehicle locks, ranging from cars to tractors, in both mechanical and digital varieties.


Key cutting and fitting is available for all grades of locks, including keyless options.

Other Locking Mechanisms

Got other items that need lockdown but aren’t on this list? Throw Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo a curveball! If it can be locked, we can install it.

The Professional Difference

Lock installations often come with professional expectations and even require high levels of discretion. This is why customers with installation needs are always recommended to vet a professional service that will treat their installations with the expertise and sensitivity that is warranted in the property protection industry.

Frog’s Safe and Key technicians offer the highest standard of security for your installation and can be trusted to protect the sensitive data that your security solutions are designed to protect.

Get Your Complete Security Installed Today

Take the hard work and worry out of your lock installation by calling Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas today! We guarantee our team of professional locksmiths will provide the excellent service that gives you total confidence in your new security solution. Our friendly team has been a favorite in the Texas Panhandle for over 75 years, and we’re happy to help install the lock solutions that will make your home and business secure beyond a doubt.