One of the favorite doorknob designs of homeowners is the lever handle. Levers often add a very elegant aesthetic to a space, and can deliver on that appeal whether through modern designs or more artistic expressions that might fit, say, a Victorian motif.

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One of the favorite doorknob designs of homeowners is the lever handle. Levers often add a very elegant aesthetic to a space, and can deliver on that appeal whether through modern designs or more artistic expressions that might fit, say, a Victorian motif.

But the advantages of a lever handle do not begin and end with the appeal to the eye. Levers offer a surprising range of functionality making them ideal fits for businesses and for certain homeowners. Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas offers a wide selection of lever handles, and can help you bring the heightened fashion and functionality to your home or office that will make you the talk of the block.

Selecting your doorknob

Choosing the right doorknob for your home or office may not be the most important decision you will ever make, but you might be surprised how an improved door fixture can make you feel better about the feel of the whole building. Here are some things you’ll want to consider when you determine whether a lever is the right fixture for your space.

Ease of Use

Doorknobs seem like highly functional fixtures that belong in every home…until they’re not. Sometimes we find that a doorknob isn’t much different from a deadbolt when you’ve got arms full of groceries or you’re team-lifting that new TV into your living room.

Since levers do just what they imply—providing leverage on the spindle that operates the latch bolt, setting the door free—they can create an easier function for opening the door. Where a knob requires grip and torsion, a levered fixture allows gravity to do all the work. Simply rest your hand on the lever and let it drop.

Consider some advantages of this design:

- Arthritic Use - Seniors and individuals with early onset arthritis can greatly benefit from a lever fixture on the doors of their homes. When gripping becomes weak or painful, levers offer a very comfortable solution to your daily door operation.

- ADA Accessibility - Individuals with a variety of handicaps may find a lever knob easier to operate, and any public space will require levers on nearly every door to ensure accessibility for everyone.

- Couriers - Whether in a public or private building, passages that are frequently passed through by individuals with their hands full can be well served by a lever. These fixtures can be operated with an elbow or a box edge in those tricky moments when a hand just isn’t available. While it’s always advisable to operate any lever by hand the way they were designed, sometimes life just demands another option.

- Children and Pets - Every user can decide if this is an advantage or a warning, but it’s worth knowing that levers are much more operable by very young children and (we’ve all seen the videos) trained or intuitive pets. Always keep this in mind when considering the safety features needed in your home. Many moms and dads might thank their lucky stars when they’re not always on call to open every bathroom door for their potty-trained champ!

Choosing the Right Lever

Levered handles are available in a variety of styles and can range greatly in quality and price. Choosing the levers that are right for your home or office can be a daunting decision for someone not versed in the standards of interior design, so here are some things to consider before calling the experts at Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas:

Cost is a factor to every discerning shopper, and door handles are definitely a category where you will get exactly what you pay for. That doesn’t mean cheap is bad. In fact, there are incredibly affordable lever options that will provide excellent functionality and can upgrade the aesthetic of your home on a small budget. As the cost increases, not only will you find more style options available, but the mechanical motion of the handle will become noticeably smoother, and you’ll get more longevity from your levered handle built for sustained daily use.

Security features are also available on certain lever handles such as the mortise design, where the doorknob and deadbolt features are encased in a singular fixture. The mortise lock and handle offer an incredibly secure seal and very high reliability that is suitable for public spaces and executive offices where sensitive or confidential materials need to be kept safe.

Your door will determine what kind of latch and lock can be installed, as the holes are usually pre-existing whether you’re updating a door already installed or buying a new door from a retailer. Make sure to give your door a good inspection and take measurements before you head to Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas for your door lever.

We’ve Got the Levers and Locks

Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas is your one-stop shop for everything lock and lever related. Our crew of trained locksmiths can show you a catalog of incredible lever options and help you design the perfect array of fixtures for every door in your home. Our selection of locks and levers can’t be beaten, and we serve all commercial and residential needs. The friendly team at Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas can handle every need for your home, including installs, repairs, rekeys, and more! Come out to our South Bell storefront or call us today!