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Frog's Safe and Key is a trusted company specializing in providing comprehensive solutions for safes and keys. With a commitment to security and customer satisfaction, Frog's Safe and Key offers a wide range of services, including the largest selection of safes in the area, safe repair, safe moving, key duplication, and general safe work. Whether you need a secure storage solution, safe repair, or assistance with keys and locks, Frog's Safe and Key is your reliable partner, backed by professional locksmiths who ensure the utmost security and quality in their services.

Frog's Safe and key

At Frog's Safe and Key, LLC we are the leading automotive locksmith in the Panhandle. Not only can we make keys if you have lost them or just make copies so you can have a spare we also do remotes and push start vehicles. We are also the only high-end automotive locksmith as well meaning we can make keys for vehicles such as Mercedes Benz Volvo BMW Saab Etc. We also have the capability to run Diagnostics on vehicles and define if you're having issues with certain computers in modules and in some cases replace and program them

Frog's Safe & Key can rekey or replace Hardware on any commercial or residential Building. If you have bought a new house and don't know who has keys we can come in and change the keys that work in your house. We also have the ability to put your residents on a single key to operate all locks. Have a commercial building and need multiple keys at frog's Safe & Key we can build master key systems to where only some people can get in certain areas and some people in other areas while also having a Master System to where a supervisor or manager can get into the entire facility