Digital Deadbolts

Having a digital deadbolt means never having to fish around for keys again. Smart locks or digital deadbolts don’t have to be clunky or odd shaped, either.

Deadbolts in amarillo

Deadbolt technology has been around for so long, many of us don’t even think of it as technology at all. Yet, the invention of deadbolts by an American locksmith named Abraham Stansbury in 1861 completely changed the game of home security. Today, over 75% of all homes in the U.S. employ the use of deadbolts, meaning that they are almost as commonplace as the front doors they are installed on!

At Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas, you can find a wide variety of deadbolt options. Whether affordability, durability, or home aesthetic are the most important feature of your deadbolt lock, we guarantee we can help you find the deadbolt that is the perfect fit for keeping your home safe for your family, and keeping your porch’s curb appeal in top form.

Deadbolt Technology

A deadbolt is a simple locking mechanism that slides a thick metallic cylinder in between your door and its frame through a fitted hole on each end. Usually, the deadbolt is located just above the doorknob, and sometimes is an integrated fixture in a single mechanical unit with the knob.

There are a variety of deadbolts available at Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo. Here are some of the designs that you’ll be able to select from:

Single Cylinder Deadbolts - This deadbolt is keyed on one side, but the other uses a thumbed turn-style knob. These are commonly used in homes where locking up at night is done without a key.

Double Cylinder Deadbolts - This deadbolt is keyed on both sides. Though the convenience factor is reduced, the payoff is that only authorized personnel can operate this deadbolt with the matching key.

Digital Deadbolts - Smart and keyless deadbolts can integrate with your home security system and be operated without the use of a key. These are an ideal choice for apartments and homes that are used as rental properties. Find out more about these digital dandies.

Lock Strength for Any Situation

Deadbolts are graded by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to provide a classification for different strength grades for deadbolt locks. Here is a synopsis of the ANSI grades for deadbolts and what they can do for your home or public property:

Grade 3 - The most basic deadbolts that are used in homes, often chosen for their cost-effective protection. Grade 3 bolts are tested to withstand 2 strikes of 75 pounds of force.

Grade 2 - These bolts employ stronger materials to provide improved protection for homeowners and commercial properties, tested to withstand 5 strikes of 75 pounds of force.

Grade 1 - For maximum security, grade 3 bolts are tested to withstand 10 strikes of 75 pounds of force, and are the ultimate security choice for high-security agencies such as police and military.

The Deadbolt Deterrent Factor

Keeping your home safe from intruders is one of the primary reasons people shop for the right deadbolt. Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas are all about safety. Thieves often target homes at a glance, simply determining whether the security features visible to the naked eye are intimidating or inviting. The presence of a deadbolt is a simple way to send a signal to prying eyes (and crowbars) that this home is not the one you want to put to the test.

The FBI reports that over 50% of home invasions include some method of forced entry, and homes without deadbolts are 2-3 more times likely to be targeted for a break-in. Whether by standing up to a forced entry attempt, or simply being present on your door, a good deadbolt can give you the peace of mind that your home is a place you can rest your head without the worry of theft and vandalism.

Find the Right Deadbolt at Frog’s Safe and Key

Deadbolts are incredible protection measures for something so simple and cost-effective. From residential homes to apartment complexes, hotel doors, and passages all throughout office interiors and commercial properties, deadbolts have been the choice solution for millions upon millions of basic security installations. They are time-tested and simply have not been outperformed by almost any security solution in their price range for centuries!

If you have a space or a passage that needs strong security at an affordable price, Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas has dozens of deadbolt options to offer. Come and see our deadbolt selection and all of the aesthetic varieties ranging from elegant and refined front porch features to the “you don’t want to go there” locks that only belong to the maximum security-minded property owner. Give yourself the piece of mind that your space is secure with the perfect deadbolt from Frog’s Safe and Key located in Amarillo, Texas.