Commercial Locks

Commercial Locks

Commercial lock solutions often require a wide array of features to offer complete security for buildings where people come and go often, where customers and visitors have unsupervised access to common spaces, and operating hours are limited. All of this means that your security solutions might require a variety of features, grades of access, and zones of heightened security measures.

Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas has our clients covered with a variety of locks, and complete services to provide installs, maintenance, and access. We’ve been trusted in the Texas Panhandle for over 75 years for the complete security needs of banks, public buildings, factories, and storefronts. The complete lock and key solution is right here at Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo.

There is no need to fear theft and vandalism to property that is secured with the right locks. Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas offers complete services for all your commercial lock needs.

Commercial Installation

Whether your commercial property is under construction or fully built, our team of professionals is able to design and install the complete kit of locks that will create the secure access you’re looking for. The security specialists at Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas can work with you to identify and design the outfit of locks that your property requires, and we can help educate you on the ideal grades of locks for different access points and security zones on your property.

Lock maintenance and Repair

Locks in any public facility are subject to repeated use from a variety of operators. When the wrong doorknob has been tampered with by a thousand inattentive customers, you can rest easy knowing that our lock maintenance services will have your locks back in working order in no time. We can also help find the right response to a compromised system, so just call Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas when the intern loses their key before their first day is over.

Keying Your Locks

Whether keys have been lost, damaged, or jammed, just call the team at Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas. We can rekey existing locks, and we’ll even come out to service keys broken off in locks. You’re never stranded outside your own locked door with our outstanding service.

We also offer holistic key solutions and can help you design your array of locking mechanisms to be opened by different levels of keys so that you can give access according to your employee’s security clearance structure.

Technology and Design of Commercial Lock Systems

The advancements in locking mechanism technology have come a long way over time, and you’ll be amazed to see the variety of high-tech solutions offered for your commercial property, as well as some tried and true locks that never go out of style.

Electronic security

Keyless Entry - Many keyless entry options are available for corporate needs, including card swipe locks, keypad entry, and NFC (near-field communication) keys that can unlock when brought into close proximity of the locking mechanism.

Electronic access - Design an integrated security system that allows your locks to be remotely activated and carefully monitored through your security network.

Locking Mechanisms - Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas has the perfect locking mechanism for every door, drawer, and more. Here’s a sample of our lock catalog as you consider your business’s security needs:

- Deadbolt - The standard of lock security. Deadbolts slide a rod of metal between the door and the frame, creating an impassable lock that is only released by key.

- Mortise Lock - This multi-channel lock is encased in a rectangular casing that is integrated with the door handle. These locks allow for two-way accessibility and are typically installed on heavy doors in office spaces.

- Padlocks - Movable locks that can be applied to a variety of implements such as lockers, chains, or fences.

- Cam Locks - Small locking mechanisms that use a turnstile elbow made of metal to secure drawers, cabinets, and small storage spaces.

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The Commercial Lock specialists at Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas  are here to help you design and implement the complete blueprint of locks to create a secure space for your storefront, office space, or commercial property. An outstanding locking solution is the foundation of your peace of mind that your commercial property is secure and able to operate smoothly. Don’t delay, call us today and set up a consultation with our friendly team of locksmiths at Frog’s Safe and Key in Amarillo, Texas.

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